Fight Like A Girl

‘Fight Like a Girl’ is the third of three different designs I have in stock for you guys. This design is available in many different colors as a gym bag and a tote bag. Each design is ...

Palm Dream

‘Palm Dream’ is the second of three different designs I have in stock for you guys. This design is available in many different colors as a gym bag and a tote bag. Each design is limited ...

Til Doomsday

‘Til Doomsday’ is the second of three different designs I have in stock for you guys. This design is available in many different colors as a gym bag and a tote bag. Each design is limited ...

Hold Fast My Love

Gestures with a meaning. Prints available again in my SHOP as A5 or A4 format.

Hippie Type Cards

Available as prints in my shop. Go to Shop in my sidebar. <3

Type Booklets

All unique, hand-lettered and hand-embellished booklets with 24 empty pages to write on. For memories or used as a (travel) diary or simply as a personal piece of art.

Memories Last Forever

Illustration for one of my best and longest friends. A heart thing.

Sweet ‘n’ Fur-ious

Fiiiinally my 3 sweet fellows have made it to my etsy shop. Go to shop in my sidebar – don’t hesitate to pay them a visit. They have lots of crazy stories for you. !! __ ...

Summer Type Cards

All unique hand-lettered and hand-embellished cards as a present or as art in a frame on a wall.

Universal Lies

POSTCARDS • *You’ve Got Mail* Postcard Set of 3 now available in my etsy shop (go to SHOP in my menue). These are cards you actually Should send to somebody and not just say you ...


Candy Crush ~ Especially Girly // Limited Edition . fesch (Germ. Adj.) ~ pretty hübschi (Germ. N. minimization) ~ bonny

Palm Dream.

Palm Tree Pocketmirrors, Buttons, Bottle Opener or Magnets. Digital Background Illustration.

All Seeing

All Seeing, A4 Illustration – Available as an A5 or A4 print in my shop.

Butt-On Right

Custom Made Button-Love.

Oh Deer

oval deer drawing. animals of the forest <3

*Bou~Cat For You Darling*

3 different brands of pens / over 40 different colors / I’ll sell prints of this illustration at the Mondscheinbazar in Vienna in May. And there will be prints in my Tin.Eller Design Etsy in March.

Oh Honey

belated valentine post ~ my ‘excuse’: there are 365 days a year to say how much you mean to me ♡ …

Twice As Snakey

Sssank Youuu.

Type Cards

R U Freakin’ Cat-ing Me?

mystical, all-seeing, sleepwalking kitty

*Cat~ever Cat~gether*

I had the honor to do a custom Christmas illustration for Mario Pampel (left cat) and Lisa (right cat) ~ a lovely and very loving couple. They decided they wanted the illustration wrapped for Christmas and ...


Book // Book-Cover // Book-Binding // Sticker // Mini-Sticker // Poster // Tickets // Ticket-Cover // Polaroid Booklet // Tags // Stamp // Charms // T-Shirt // Type Card ∴ Photocredits: David Keusch/Fiskur Over the past ...

Catelicious Cat Cream

Yesterday I had a wooonderful artist portrait shoot with the even more wonderful Ines Futterknecht. This lady is amazing! Very creative, motivated and eager to learn and have a good time with it. She pushes herself ...


I designed this logo for a bar in Vienna approx. 2 months ago. Unfortunately it was too modern for that certain bar. So it is still up for sale. Neon character optional. PM if you’re ...


The beautiful, lovely and very talented fashion designer @pipinelle_goldspatz(check this lady out) ordered the *Sew In Love* 16 mm plugs last week. It was such an honor and so so so much fun to create ...

I Am A Big Fan Of Yours

Christina’s (2/2)

part two of Christina’s @c_sieberer order. Thank you my ladyyyy <3

Christina’s (1/2)

The super lovely and amazingly talented makeup artist Christina @c_sieberer ordered a plug and a clip. (Check out her blog btw.) It was a huuuge honor and pleasure to work with her, her ideas and imagination! ...

Sew In Love

For my sweet and lovely step mom ~ I am very happy to have her in my life. It was the second present for her birthday. She makes beautiful quilts and loves gardening. Happy birthday!

Show Me The Way

Where do I go? Where do I belong?


Wånder where your heart tells you.

Pack Our Bags And Leave This Town

The World On Your Shoulders

full colored 13 x 18 cm drawing

Half Glass Full of Adventures

Dedicated to my lovely sister Jacquelyn and her husband JR – who love adventures out in the wild

Sly Sly Foxes

my little furry foxy friend

All Good Things Are Wild And Free

∼ wanderlust pt.5 //

Walk With Me ~ Wanderlust

∼ wanderlust pt.4 // spend some time with me. walk with me. wander not wonder. feel the lust. wanderlust.

A Basket Full Of Fake Flowers

For the sake of looking pretty. pretty fake – my pretty flowers.

Taxi Driver Guide

I had the honor to draw an illustration for the Vienna BIBER Magazine. It was lots of fun! :) Thanks to everyone included.

Growing Lemon Time

illustration of a timeless lemon tree.

Silvia & Hannes

Wedding Graphics for Silvia & Hannes // Photos: David Keusch / Fiskur

*Let’s Roll*

∼ wanderlust pt.3 // vintage oldschool roller-skater

Old But Gold

This is a dedication to all the great photographers in my life. Thank you so much – for stopping time through your pictures! Stay true to yourself and never stop doing what you’re doing! ♡ Nadine ...

Broken Birdie ~ Lost His Voice ~ Sailing Free

.memories. you are missed, time. • listen to the birdies mute voice •  

*Bee Thirsty Always*

bee dying awareness!

Pear Me Away, Darling

∼ wanderlust pt.2 // fruity dream traveling drawing.

*Let Me Present*

13 x 18 cm illustration of a magical, fruity, painful present world in a mason jar.

Pineapple Universe

Take a sip of the universe pineapple out of a mason jar. You won’t regret.

*Why Split*

… when you can have so much more when you eat it all by yourself? … when you can eat a banana split without needing to split the banana? think about it.

*It’s Always Tea Time*

*Juice One/Two/Three*

A series of 3 summer drinks. Using always the same elements – always with a little variance – except the container.

*Thank you for loving me. And bringing light to my eyes. All we love we leave behind*

lyrics by Converge (Jacob Bannon) Thank you bbi for always being there for me. In my brightest and darkest days <3 ily

The Earth Laughs In Flowers For You

It was my boss’ 50th birthday. This was a part of my present for her. ☆ Happy, happy birthday Irene! May all your dreams come true. ☆

*Love Note In A Bottle*

∼ wanderlust pt.1 // 13 x 18 cm illustration; to my one and only Man: “I want all of you, forever, you and me, everyday” – the Notebook

I Cook, What’s Your Superpower?

One of my best friend’s husband celebrated his 30th birthday past Saturday and I was invited. I don’t know him that well – Yet, but what I know is that he is such a kind ...

Hand of Justice

My co-worker left the office last week, to become a lawyer or a judge. I’m so so very proud of her!!! That she changed her stars and went through with it. She is an amazing, ...

Hands Collection (4/4)

*Hand of Gratitude*Thanks to everyone who is following me, shares/reposts, likes and comments on what I do. I really do appreciate it so much and makes me happy! :) It motivates a lot. Here’s a ...

Hands Collection (3/4)

*Hand of Distant Love* My American Gram and I write letters to each other regularly for about 10 years now. I thought I’d express my love to her and all the letters this way. Thank ...

Hands Collection (2/4)

*Hand of Luck*

Hands Collection (1/4)

*Hand of Analogue Creativity*

Yes No Maybe So

approx. A6 drawing of a Quija. ∴Good Luck!

Vanilla Chocolate

Approx. A5 illustration I thought if my vanilla-chocolate-hair and drew this. :) that’s the whole story. Ok, I’d live some ice cream right now.


*Ok. I feel like I’ve always had a tornado inside of me. You have it inside of you. Just sometimes it doesn’t move. I sort of bloom late, but I know it’s still there. It ...

T-Hook Rex

A6 illustration with copic markers RAWR*

Never Stop

2 years ago my best friend said to me “promise me, you never stop doing what you’re doing”. I won’t – bc I primised him with a hug.

Lovely Thoughts

Just Think Lovely Thoughts They Will Lift You Up in the Air. Flamingo Mary Poppins Illustration A5 print

Fruity Family Portrait

… for the best mother I could ever ask for ♡ My mom used to call me “Marilli” (engl. apricot), my brother “Zwetschke” (engl. for plum) and my man “Kiwi”. So i called her “Mamanas” ...

*Mountain You*

‘I said I would never go away, to believe me but I’m awake now, and I still see you…do you see me. Help me remember when I wake up I know that all roads lead ...

Aquarius Humanity (12/12)

Beneath the detached, unemotional exterior lies a kind hearted friend that will go out of their way to help another. They love to make people laugh and cheer people up and it makes them feel ...

Scorpio Passion (11/12)

Scorpios are fiercely independent. They are able to accomplish anything they put their mind to and they won’t give up.Their truthful and shocking sense of humor if different than that of any other zodiac sign ...

This Son of a Badger

A5 drawing of a lovely badger. *silently singing* badger, badger, badger, mushroom, mushroom …

Gemini Energy (10/12)

Gemini make very interesting and exciting friends. They like to leave their mark on everyone they meet. They are very flighty and will disappear for a long time as they meet new friends and explore ...

Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Lemur Holly

*It may be normal, darling; but I’d rather be natural* ~ Breakfast At Tiffany’s

Libra Gracefulness (9/12)

Libras love excitement, new situations, adventure and the unusual. They make friends with people from all walks of life and they are always up to something new and exciting with enthusiasm. Libras are great at ...

I Bat You Hang In There

A5 drawing of my little friend at night (in my head) hope you all have some time to just hang today.

Gaby’s Flowers

Last Saturday was my mother in law’s birthday and my man and I wanted to give her flowers, but this time we decided on everlasting ones :) with lots of Liebe! <3

*I want a Raccoon*

… You get a raccoon, Alex. A raccoon in a box – so you can take it with you wherever you go. Easy-care. I hope the waiting (1 day) was worth not spoiling it. You ...

Aries Generosity (8/12)

Aries personalities are independent. They are good friends and always look out for their friends with caring and generosity and will protect them should the need arise and encourage them with their natural optimism.

My Vintage Lilac Dream

lovely “lace” vintage rose plugs in lilac-violet tones. 26mm (left), 16mm (right) FOR SALE!!!

Virgo Helpfulness (7/12) 

Illustration of the beautiful lady ♥ Sophie Cash ♥ (she is not a Virgo, but she fitted my personal image. I mean look at her – she is soooo pretty.) ——- The Virgo is a very independent ...

Cancer Loyalty (6/12)

Cancer is extremely loyal. One of the greatest things about Cancer is their ability to make others feel good about themselves and make them feel loved. They have incredible perseverance and will stand up for ...

Leo Protection (5/12)

People are attracted to Leo’s zest for life and their warm spirit. They have the ability to lift up one’s spirits and provide encouragement when times are rough.

Pisces Imagination (4/12)

They are extremely sensitive and loyal. The Pisces personality is hard to pin down, it is very mysterious and elusive.

Monday Easter Bunny

Last Easter Bunny drawing of my easter bunny session this year. I hope you enjoyed all the cottontail colored madness? Find me on other social networks (listed under contact) and let me know what you ...

Sagittarius Straightforward (3/12)

or *Sagittarius Awesomeness* for my dear friend Basti. :D cocky you! The Sagittarius has a strong unique personality, who is not afraid to say what he/she thinks. It is the sign of the philosopher and the explorer, they ...

One Bite And All Your Dreams Will Come True

poisoned apple from Snow White :) This can be used as jewelry for earplugs, clips (for lovely non earplug ppl), necklaces and brooches. Item for sale. Available in different frame colors. As long as they ...

Capricorn Responsibility (2/12)

my second drawing of the Zodiac Sign Collection. The capricorn – a strong, leading responsible animal on land and in water. He/She likes to flow, but knows when to stop and stand up straight.

Taurus Strength (1/12)

A Taurus is an excellent friend. Taurus has few close friends as opposed to many acquaintances. The few people they hold dear to them are guarded and protected. Their friends are treated like family and ...


Flyer, Businesscards & Sticker for the bikram yogaloft in Vienna/Austria. They want to make you sweat! They really do!

*Portrait Of A Girl* Brooch

“She looked into the mirror and all she saw was her naked cold self, who lost herself to love” • 7cm width brooch • Combination of Illustration & Custom Made Design • ~ ~ For Sale ~ ...

My Rose’s Tears

… tears were running down her rose’s eyes when they realized they lost her to time • 26mm Plugs •

Home To You pt.1

Easter 2015 bunny drawing with copic markers. A4 Size – Prints are for Sale!!!

Foxever Foxgether

7 cm width (rather big) fox brooch with a brown rhinestone • Perfect for rather simple clothes. Ready to stand out. For sale!

My Vintage Lipstick Rose

sweet easter • pastel mint and rosé plugs • vintage rose • in 26mm (big plug) • 16mm (small plug) For sale! Limited colors.

The Early Bunny Has All The Chocolate Eggs

A4 drawing, with copic markers. Thanks to Mary Mohr, to have the “Peter Cottontail” song in my head all Easter long – year after year. :)

Portrait of a Girl

A5 Prints available!!!

Run on Girl, Run on. Jane Doe

earplugs/clips available for any size starting at approx. 15mm  

I Fountain You ❥

my 7ove. *So bright, the flames burn in our hearts. That we found each other in the dark.*

You are totally Hammer(ed)

Illustration with the message “stop shark finning”. Copic markers.

❥ A Herzi For You ❥

*You are lovely. And your reflection shows.* Sailor moon like frame • (Thanks Franz Keilhofer for mentioning it, now it’s stuck in my vision) • copic drawing • “herzi” [germ. minimization, a lovelier term for heart]

Cupcake Hearts

♥ Looovely lilac-coral hearts. Available as plug and clip. Get a little candy for your ears. ♥

Iglu The Hedgehog

Iglu is the newest member of my little family. He likes to squeak around the whooole time. Especially when Mouney the guinea pig teaches him sassy habits. He is very kindhearted and always innocent (at least ...

Delicate Rose

Available as dangling Clips or Plugs – or one of each. Shown size: 30mm • Recommendation for Plugs: any size from 24 to 30 mm • Small sizes are available as well. Email me:

Foxy Love

earplugs or clips with brown rhinestones + 1 necklace with brown rhinestone. fox faith!

Lets start Clicking!

Lets start Clicking … uhm, Clipping! ♥ Ear clips (or fake plugs, how I like to call them – smiling) Get them! There are limited!

A Seashell In A Sea Of Shells

♦ PLANTING SEEDS ♦ Look at what I have found. A seashell in a sea of shells. I’m good at planting my own seeds. To sprout endless hell. It’s dark like Poe. — Dredg


Dog Portrait

… You Will When You Kiss Him

Illustration for Valentines Day. Aka *Love Your Dear Ones Day* ♥ This illustration is for my one and only man of my dreams and life. The most amazing man. Thank you Puppi for being the ...

Oh, Lovely!

♥ Custom Made Valentines Day (aka Love Your Dear Ones Day) Plugs ♥ 26 mm, Rose Plugs + Lipstick Pink Heart Plugs

Kitsch But No-Kitsch

Simple Lipstick Pink 26mm Plugs ♥ For everyone who loves a little bit of good kitsch in their lives. Because if you accept kitsch – it’s not kitsch at all. ♥

No Plain Jane

× Porcelain Drawing × “Roses are Violet – Roses are Green– Roses are Blue – I give you any color of Roses, because I love you” The idea behind the roses coffee cups and plates is symbolically the “first coffee” – as ...

Dr. Q and his Wonder-Magic-Berries

A5 paper drawing with copic markers. Inside Joke with a friend of mine. The original 1.0 drawing was created approximately in 2005. The story behind this drawing is that time passed and everybody changes. Quack ...

Makeup is Art, Beauty is Spirit pt.3

Mirror, Mirror …

Grandma’s Flowers

Get Well Card for my dear american Gram, who i love very much. <3 (whispering: it’s already on its way to the US!)

Swing From The Chandelier

∇ Custom Made Dangling Plugs ∇ 26mm plugs ethno/bohemian dangling plugs •

Totally Sharp!

∇ Custom Made Dangling Plugs ∇ 26mm plugs faux shark teeth dangling plugs • reminding me of the time I spent in Sturgeon Bay/Wisconsin when I was 15 years old

Don’t lie to me

Pinocchio drawing for a card

Makeup is Art, Beauty is Spirit pt.2

personal smell – love.

Makeup is Art, Beauty is Spirit pt.1

“beautiful” tea party – getting to know each other.

You’re So S-quirrelig

∇ Custom Made Dangling Plugs ∇ 26mm plugs Squirrel & Acorn graphic, dangling acorns

Bows over Bros

∇ Custom Made Girly Dangling Plugs ∇ 26 mm plugs, peach glass, pale lilac dangling bowknot

Kiss Me Tender

A Kiss Can Change Everything –

Oh deer

∇ Custom Made Girly Dangling Plugs ∇ 26 mm plugs, various designs

Fantastic Mr. Fox pt. 2

Mrs. Fox: Why did you lie to me? Mr. Fox: Because I’m a wild animal.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

“We’re all different, but there’s something kind of fantastic about that, isn’t it?”

Wedding Design J&J

× Corporate Design, Corporate Identity × (Photos by © Jeremy Russel, © Christoph Brueller) My best friend got married on October 17th, 2014 and as her Maid of Honor I created a whole CI and CD: ...

All We Need Is Time

All we have – is time. All we need – is time. All that is – is time. 〈drawing for my dear friend Ulrich〉

Wooden Heart

Wooden Heart (lyrics by Listener) “so come on let’s wash each other with tears of joy and tears of grief and fold our lives like crashing waves and run up on this beach come on ...

Little Book Of Big Memories

… little book for Photo Booth or polaroid photos. Handicraft: selfmade glittery paper, book bound, simple single-ply bookbinding technique, illustrated cover inspired by the cartoon adventure time + lots of love

Most Roads Lead To Home

365 days ‘we own the sky’ – always and forever MOST ROADS LEAD TO HOME (THE DREAM MINER) ‘show me your life, living, speaking in the night above us we all survived, in this one ...

The Raven

‘ … And the raven, never flitting, still is sitting, still is sittingOn the pallid bust of Pallas just above my chamber door;And his eyes have all the seeming of a demon’s that is dreaming,And ...

Everybody wants to have a Mouney

Under Jost Hochuli’s fact book workshop, I produced this nicely typeset book about my guinea pig called ‘Maroni’ aka ‘Mouney’. For five days I’ve worked on it and it turned out just the way I wanted. ...

May I introduce myself

… read about me


DMND – Lost & Found

An own t-shirt brand was always my dream – since I started drawing at the age of 17 – but I never knew how to get my drawings on to the computer and actually printed. ...

Bike Magazine

× Editorial Design × Bike Magazine –  September 2012 edition. Graphic Design & Illustration


× Illustration & Book Design × Lebensmittel.punkt is a carefully designed book, with lots of heartwarming and funny illustrations, great Typography and a appealing book cover design. A book made by TRIAS Print Consulting GmbH by Irene ...

XOXO homemade

× Corporate Design × XOXO has its own charm. It produces beautiful tasting and smelling cakes and pies as well as the best homemade – soft and rich with chocolate chunks – cookies. Therefore it needed an equally lovely ...


× Snowboard Short Movie / Corporate Design × We are five talented young students who are interested in media and have a love for winter and extreme sports. We gave ourself the task to produce a ...

Kamm, Hair

× CD / CI for a Hair-saloon × Kamm, Hair – a hipster hair-saloon design. The flashy green color gives the design a fresh touch, combined with fancy black & grey photography. The whole design is really graphical ...

Sophie Kirchner Photography

× Logo Design × Logo for my dear photographer friend Sophie Kirchner (tryangle_crew).   check out her homepage: Sophie Kirchner Photography  

Just Train Me

× Corporate Design, Webdesign, Merchandisedesign × is a fitness studio, for people who strive to live a better life and do it the healthy way. Sports and a diet – which is specifically tailored to ...

Square TV

× TV Channel Design × … for the younger generation. Target group: 20–40 years. Square shows classic movies like ‘Pulp Fiction’ and reminds the audience of old classic TV shows like ‘Pipi Langstrumpf’ and broadcasts the ...

Rockin’ Socks

× Magazine Design ×   A magazine about music trends, recently released albums and vinyl (you can’t miss) and the newest equipment on the market.  

Inspired Fest MMXIII

× Event Flyer Design ×   The Inspired Fest MMXIII, a vegan hardcore festival needed a dark and hardcore Flyer Design. Said, done.

Ex Libris

… back to the roots, back to design with a personality. 3 ex libris designs // Ex Libris is a Latin phrase, meaning literally, “from the books”. It is often used to indicate ownership of a ...


× Internal Newsletter ×   Once a month, Silvia Brueller – head of sales department at Attensam – sends out a newsletter to the whole office about the latest company news. Therefore a clear but strong design ...

Recipe Book

× Editorial Design × Design of a vintage/used Muffin vs Cupcakes recipe book.  

Adventure Time In-joke

… of melon-mountains and the grumpy cloud princess

Gizmo Sweets

lalala …

Tattoo City Guide

× Book Design × Design of a Tattoo City Guide of the best 8 shops in the whole of Vienna, produced for handy usage.

Tryangle Magazine

× Magazine Design × Design of a snowboard magazine.


× Rotary Collection – Cover Design × A young and fresh new cover design was wanted for the Rotatry Collection of Landegger. ‘Design in full-width’ was expressed by the arrows on the design, as well as the ...

iOn Art

× Layout Design × … for iOn Art’s product information on the company, to send out easily – by drag and drop – via email to potential costumers.  

Honey, Honey

× Packaging Design × Honey, Honey = ‘There is honey for you, honey (sweetie, darling)’, packaging design for an urban beekeeper. Therefore the design needed a combination of the original honey jar and a tasteful modern graphic design ...

World of Hair

× Redesign of Vouchers ×

Wien /// Kosice

× Poster Design / Exhibition Design / Screen-printing / Giveaway screen-print signs × Comparison of street signs in Vienna and Košice, put into a photography + original graphic Project, which was exhibited in the Museumsquatier in Vienna.