Hi i’m Kerstin,

a part time freelance graphic designer, illustration artist and hand-lettering artist from Vienna, Austria. I’m a pencil and marker lover with a weakness for black brush pens, beautiful paper and retro looking drawing materials. I’m an animal lover and an ethical vegan activist at Ve Can Change with my partner in lime Kevin from HalsXBeinbruch. I’m a coffee addict, cactus worshiper, and a record enthusiast.

I am super passionate about letterings, calligraphy and illustrations and I try to combine all of it them whenever possible. I love minimalistic line graphics and I do a lot of floral designs – I mean A LOT, simply because it makes me happy. My favorite flower is the daisy btw, so you’ll find it a lot in my works.

I’m also working as a screen designer, graphic designer and illustration artist at Noodles Agency, which I truly enjoy, because I’m able to work with amazing, kind and fun people together on projects.

I’ve been drawing since … well, forever might sound a bit cheesy right? But honestly – ever since I can remember I expressed myself through it. Music and lyrics have always been a big part of my inspiration and expression in art. That’s even the trigger nowadays most of the time of me starting a new passion project.

If you’d like to get to know me better, feel free to visit my blog on my model website, and read about things that interest me and move me.

Thank you so much for being part of this and for your support. If you have any further questions or requests, please do not hesitate to write me a mail.

Blowing Kisses and sending virtual hugs,


Header photo by Martin. Makeup by Kirschundkern. Thank you guys.

… ohhh and FYI, because a lot of people ask me what Tin.Eller stands for? It’s the last four letters of my surname and name. Kerstin Brueller 


A few words of pure gratitude.

For so so long I’ve dreamed of opening my own online shop and have a badass fitting website – I mean, it was for printing my illustrations on shirts and stickers – in the first place – why I chose to get an education in graphic design.

And who would have known, that this journey wasn’t always easy. There would probably enough content to write a whole book about it. I am serious. BUT – I wouldn’t be where I am right now without the very special people who have always been in my life, who never left my side and who came into my life by a happy coincidence and fate and always believed in me and my designs.

My mom, my number one optimist, who believes in gifts and talents and hard work has to pay off one day. Who aaalways – and when I say always I mean always – has my back. Whatever happens, she’s here for me and I can count on her whenever.

My man Kevin, who has to take all my insecurities and all my complainings and bad moods day by day, but who loves nothing more than see me smiling. Thank you for your strong shoulder, believing in me and what I do and thank you giving me solace, even if it is a super bad joke that cheers me up after a million tears on the phone. I love you!

June & Bob. If you hadn’t told me ‘Come on! You gotta do this! It’s the right time for you!’ past April and July and gave me the good kind of a tough love kick in the a*, I would probably still be sitting infront of my computer and dream of a shop and a new website design. Not only did you pull the trigger on this whole project, but also stayed by my side and motivated me and inspired me, picked me up my miserable floor and last but not least: gave me the most beautiful photographs I could ever ask for. I hope you know how endlessly thankful I am for You!

Benjamin, Sebastian and Nelson. My three website heroes, who made this website possible. Who spent hours working on my ideas and sketches. Who put elements ‘juuuust a little bit more left or a little bit more to the right side? Nahhh we just leave it out. Oh no no we can’t – we really need this here. Can we make the font a bit smaller?’. They deserve a full bathtub full of pizza and ice cream and hugs. Thanks for putting up with me! Please don’t hate me!

Last but not least, I would like to thank everyone who supports me day by day and might not even know that they do and how much it means to me. Thanks for liking and sharing my designs – recommending me and motivating me day by day by your lovely words face to face or over social media. You’re the best I could ever ask for. Without you this all here would not be possible!


You have to promise me, whatever you do, never stop doing what you’re doing. Promise me now!



– I promise.