Hi! You’ve made it to the FAQ’s of this page and I am happy to hopefully give you the answer on all the question you have. If the question you have for me is not listed down below, please don’t hesitate and write me an email. I’ll try to answer ASAP.

logo design & general

A logo is the representative of your business or the person you are – speaking your personality. It is an emblem, that ideally should include a piece of yourself or the business you get it designed for. It’s the heart and the face of the business and it’s meant to be forever. It’s what your viewers connect you with. A logo shouldn’t be changed too often in a business’ history – maybe get a bit adapted/redesigned once in a while to let it shine like new.
It’s hard to say the exact prize of a logo design, as it really depends on what the client wants. I calculate a logo and a design based on a rough estimate on how long the design will take me to design and on how complex a design in it’s construction is. Most clients also want to go with a couple accompanying illustrations for their logo design, so I will consider this in the prize as well. So you see, it is widely different, but I am sure that we’ll find the perfect price-performance ratio together.

To give you a guiding principle: Most logo designs with a minimum of five illustrations can approximately be calculated around € 1000–1500 including the rights of use for the first three years.
There’s a saying ‘if you pay cheaply, you pay dearly’ – meaning if you pay someone to make you a logo for € 40,– or even € 400,– you can be a 99 % certain, that the logo is of no or poor quality (or one of your closest friends is willing to design it for you for that price, but pls note that it is still an underpayment). No one put a lot of thoughts into your logo, the concept and composition and the implementation might also be done poorly, because it might even be just put together by already existing parts or might even be a mixture of a couple of different logos. So there is no individuality and you’ll have to get it redesigned by someone who knows his/her work.

Please always remember – if someone takes such little money for a design it’s mostly the case, that the designer and his/her work is definitely underpaid. It takes a lot of fineness and knowledge of design and typography and years of experience and good taste to create the logo or design you’ll be happy with in the end. It’s money well spent, if you like something that’s special and unique and handmade by a freelance artist.
Like a logo job, illustrations depend on their elaborateness and complexity, but also the rights you want to come with the design – speaking of international or national rights to use it in print and on the web. The starting prize of an illustration lies at € 300,–. Please read down below under ‘illustration & lettering’
Well, first someone contacts me and asks for an offer. Most of the time I say a rough price on the product/project and if the client agrees to the roughly named price a detailed, noncommittal offer can be made – if the client tells me exactly what he/she wants. I then can calculate how many hours of work I will spend on the project. Sometimes the client tells me how much he/she wants to pay and I agree to it or I try to cut down on the service. If it’s way under the rough price I usually calculate, I cannot take the job.

Let’s say the client agrees to my offer, and sends back the offer signed, there is a deposit of 50 % up front to guarantee integrity and the costs of the sketches. After the deposit is made i start sketching. Depending on the offer there are more or less procedures of adjustments. Then the design gets converted to the final design. After the finally design is done, there will be no more runs of corrections possible, without any extra costs. This doesn’t happen very often.
If someone drops out of our signed offer/contract I keep the deposit, even though there has been done more work than the deposit would cover. No designs will be passed on and in this case the client is not allowed to use any designs and/or any intellectual property.

illustration & lettering

Well, this a very common question I get. And a very tough one to answer. The illustrations and letterings I do, are probably as you noticed varying quite a bit in style. Each illustration and lettering also take up a different amount of time. So the price depends on the subject, as well as on the details of an artwork and on the terms of use - in other words: what the artwork will be used for.

Logos are in general more expensive (Why? Please read above under "logo design") than just an illustration you would like me to draw for your "About me" section on your website, or a lettering (digital or analog) you would like to do for using it in your partners birthday card.

Also the commercial use of something will always be calculated differently than the non-commerical (private) use of an artwork.

To give you a guiding principle: Most illustrations are calculated with a minimum of € 300,– including the rights of use for the first three years or no free rights of use if used for private reasons.
Yes, there is! If someone asks for an illustration for using it on Facebook and/or social media as a project of a brand/small business or as a private person it will not be charged as high as an logo illustration, which actually should stand and represent a firm.
Firstly, I would need to know what you have in mind - what you would like me to draw for you. I would also need to know which style you have in mind. This could be just outlines or color fields with a little bit of a sprinkled color depth in it, or a tattoo like illustration for example. Also let me know if you want a digital or an analog drawing and how you would like me to give the artwork to you.

For a lettering, please let me know what you want me to letter for you and in which style. Therefore please visit my portfolio and send me a screenshot of one of my works.

Last but not least, I need to know if you what your intention of use is. This concerns the rights of use.
I am sorry, but you're not allowed to print any illustration on shirts and sell them, unless we agreed on a proper contract on the use of a shirt design, which contains a fully payed fee for the design and a continuous percentage of each sold product. This also applies to any other goods such as pin designs, button designs, cards (other than a personal card to one person only), cups and any other product design.

And why? The reason why you're not allowed to do so, is that an illustration which is intended to be for a personal and/or a specific commercial use, is calculated differently than for actually selling the design as a product.

shirts & shop

My shirt shop is run by myself, Kerstin Brueller / Tin.Eller Design. In March 2018 I decided to undergo a couple of shop changes and switched out of quality reasons from an external shirt shop to one shop offering all design products you find under www.tineller.me/shop Tin.Eller Design Shop. If you have any questions concerning a product or order, or if you would love to get a design printed on request which is not listed in my shop, please feel free to contact me at design@tineller.me
I love to design and I love to make something out of my designs. Therefore I produce and create a lot of things myself at home or get complex designs produced as certian products and sell them in my little shop. Stickers, shirts and sweaters are printed externally. If you have any questions concerning my shop please do not hesitate to write me a mail at design@tineller.me
My shirt shop and internal shop were pooled to guarantee an easier and more clean all-in-one check out. The shirts & sweaters are limited in variety, but are still available on demand and undergo a personal quality check to guarantee a nice standard print. As everything is getting shipped out by myself, I am finally able to personalize your package, which is super important to me. You know what this means; stickers and flyers.
Colors of a product may vary as of possible stylized reasons of the photograph, the light the day the photo was taken and your possible calibrated or not calibrated computer screen. I guarantee you though, that all colors are selected super carefully, so they stand in perfect harmony to each other. If you're not exactly sure how the original illustration of the product looks like, feel free to visit my portfolio section of my website and find it there.
I'm sorry, out of shipping and financial reasons, I cannot offer a frame with my prints. But, you'll find beautiful and affordable frames at IKEA. I can recommend the RIBBA frame for squared prints (available in white and black) and the BREDARYD for vertical A4 prints as well as the VIRSERUM series.

packing & shipping

Your order will ideally be ready the day of your order (after the payment has been made) and shipped out the next day. Please note and kindly understand, that it may take up to 5 business days for your order to leave Tin.Eller Design (this will only be in case of sickness and/or travels).

Depending on where your occupation is and how fast your local post office delivers packages and letters - it may take 2–7 business days (Europe) or up to 4 weeks (overseas) for your order to arrive. It is in my personal interest, that I'm endeavoured to make it as quick as possible! If you haven't received your order in 4 weeks at the maximum, please write me a mail under design@tineller.me and we'll find a way to handle the situation.
This shouldn't happen of course, but in case they may I'd like to give you information on it. I am personally checking every single product of quality before it leaves my place. In case of a broken or damaged artwork and/or product, it happens while in transit by mail and you'll of course get a new one.

In case of an act of negligence, I aks for your understanding that I am not willing to take the product back.

For detailed information and the necessary procedure, please visit 'Right of Withdrawal' in my footer section down below. If you have any further questions please feel free to contact me directly under design@tineller.me