Nadine Schachinger is a passionate, natureloving, authentic and wonderful couple, lifestyle and wedding photographer from Vienna, who lost her heart in the mountains in Berchtesgaden.
  Bob Sala
Marvin Kleinemeier, yacht photographer and 60s enthusiast. He knows everything about literature and poems. He’s a passionate writer himself, a reporter and a storyteller.
  Sheep & Ouzo
Silvia Jandl not only a passionate traveler, writer and blogger – she’s also my Mom and my number one supporter when it comes to my designs and making my dreams and plans come true.
Pia Nograsek is a sweet and passionate couple, lifestyle and wedding photographer from Graz, who I love working together with. If it’s about graphic design or modelling.
  Ben Pazdernik
Benjamin is not only the best boss ever, he’s also an amazing web coder and knows and strives for good quality and creative projects. He’s always up to date and knows best for you and your business.